It is easier to be a fool
And measure things by rationality
I came to Earth to be with you
Alone in the streets by and by
Lead by lies
Tears falling from your eyes
You need your sight, see that your boat is at sea
Having no anchor, swept away from the shore
And even people won’t hesitate
To leave you alone chained to fate

Fear should not be involved in this!
Alone, I do love you!
Alone, I shall tempt you!
For I do adore you!

It is easier to be a not so great
and measure things with judgement
longing to be here, to be involved
alone with you by and by
to embrace you in my arms in this space
And you have the power to change your fate.


A Mother’s Love

A mother to daughter who hopes she never loses her sense of wonder,
Knowing her presence is like the rolling thunder,
To her child, she would never leave empty handed,
Teaching her true love will never take her for granted,
Hoping to she will never suppress her emotions
Always allowing them like the tides of the oceans,
She works to give her child a life’s chance
And she hopes, she will grow up and to dance

She teaches her child courage when things seem so distance
And to never fear when she meets resistance
She will live to know, what life is about
And will have that strength when she is faced with doubt.
A mother’s love, is never ending
A mother’s loyalty is never bending.
Always there
Always to care



The moon, pray to her times two
She has two faces
They are sisters, they have their own rune
With human graces

They walk a path of hardship and of love
Lifting each other up to rise above
Each night, they dance only to set the stars in motion
Sharing secrets, friendship and their emotions

A true friendship so strong
They are never truly away
They inspire those who come along
Inspiring another way

A bond like never before
For each other is always an open door
For each other, they fight a fight
Light a light

They are a light in the darkness
Their light banishes all harm
Their love banishes saddness
They are entwined with an arm

They are the Queens, a light in the shadow
Here they come, to take their crowns
Don’t look now
Here they come!


Time again and again
He had ran
Far away as he could
Like he should

Away from the things that consume him
Away from those that bring harm
Away from them
He refuses to arm

As to why?
Because of the Lie
To live in truth
Not for an eye, and not for a tooth

Because in the end
What fruit would there to be to bear?
What would that accomplish, what would bend?
He is a gem that is rare

Many are blind to that trait
People are quick to judge and rate
He is on his own
He prefers to be strong

Love is what drives him beyond the maddness
Love is what carries him away
Love is what brings him out of saddness
Love inspires him what to say

Move along,he gives out his word
He speaks, til his message his heard
So be it!



Way of the Wild

Drumming rhythmic sounds
Pounding hands
Vibration in the ground
Dancing spirits in the lands

He comes from the forest beyond time
And into heart of the wild being the stag of seven tines
He dances in wild abandon and joy
He is both savage and coy

He is terrible and beautiful
He is loving and cruel
He is not controlled by being rueful
He rules in the time of Yule

He is the Horned god of the wilds, animals, abundance, lust
We all face him, we Must
Because he is within this flesh that is walking on this earth
He is within the animal self, the forest is the hearth

The way of this world, is the way of Cernunnos, the Horned One
It is not cruel and it is not kind
He teaches and challenges us, so we may be whole as one
Remember above all else, he teaches us to be kind

We learn to treat ourselves with pride
We learn we are not alone, others abide
We learn to survival and be strong
We learn to live and dance our own song



He lives in the world of woman
Desperately trying to find his way
To treat them all as he is a gentleman
What could he say?

Rejected and used
Heartbroken and abused
Been told too many lies
Beaten down when he cries

One day he wakes up to find himself looking in the mirror
And a new light starts to shine upon him
Spring becoming nearer
He starts to forgets about them

Only to realize, he neglected and abused his own being
He looks within and stops fleeing
That woman inside him, yearns for love
Love starts to come down on him like the Spirit from above

An inner strength and light
With renewed strength and might
He realizes he is free
And that he could simply just be

The women in his life, are reflections of his inner woman
So together they walk the land
In love
In Joy
and an inner peace within
He is free from sin.

Spring Maiden

The Lovely Spring Maiden’s heart is the rose
Can she feel no pain, be relaxed
Opening petals to the sun and clouds
Nature’s music sings aloud?

I walk through her enchanted garden
Seeing different colors all around
My horns become tall, antlered, harden
Hearing that silent sound.

Can she that feel She vibrates with that warm glow
Life force, and vitality is a-show
Her berries in the bush, are ripe
Dancing as I joyfully play my pipe?

The rose leans towards me
Vibrate red she is to be
Nothing in her entire body of feeling, is amiss
Love, desire stirred, and the union sealed with a kiss

She remembers when they came and tore us apart
After the encounter we had, it was intense
When she fell in love and then taken away from the start
And been hard for her ever since

But she is taken away and caught up with our time
She remembers the time she had with before
And knows what the best part it was that brought her into bloom
Away from all the doom and gloom.

She yearns for my touch
She misses me much
To make her flowers come alive
So it is a question, of what the Spring Maiden would like me to do to her?


Observe and feel…
The light and darkness
Notice it hanging in balance
That you notice
And realize there is love and desire
Seen by the solar or lunar eclipse
Which creates spaces between the stars of fate
Peering into the beyond….
See the night become day
Opening gateways
To know the unknown
Chanting words that open the door
Charmed by magic
plunging into the sea of depths
to obtain the waters of life
Gentle embrace
As the heavens watch the sun and moon
Creating a chance of twilight
That would lead to a bonding soul, living in Truth, and ultimate loyatly.
Always together, yet now is their chance
For them be together, to dance the dance of life
The passionate yearning
Rhythmic breathing
Subtle sensuality
The moon longs for the sun’s light
The sun sees to give light unto Her night
In union, they are, together in love
Raises them above…


There goes the dark clouds
Hovering on the leaves of a flower
Pounding emotions
It’s power…

Here comes the rain
Falling down on me
Showered with rejection and pain
Wishing I could just be..

Feeling a heartache
Have been taken apart
Watching the heart break
And dont know where to start
Taking everything that was wanted
And now just gone.

Walk in the night
Looking inside the soul
And with the sight
Seeking that shining light
And find love to hold
So there, the rain falls

Is this a dream?
Is this what it means to be blind?
Never thinking one can be so unkind?
Wanting to forget
To give up would be forfeit
For now, though, in the moment, crying in the rain


Sitting alone in the dark
Gazing into the the depths
Feeling what there is
Cold and lonely on the inside

So many thoughts, left there, unwanted
So many emotions, unexpressed
It feels as if my soul has not place to rest
And at times I feel like I have no Home.

Sometimes I feel as if I am not heard
I am not talking about just my words
but more
where I may have to show you the door

My heart yearns to be free from pain
I yearn for a change